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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When are tryouts? 

  • Who is eligible to tryout for Winter Competitive Season Viewettes? Any dancer both girls & boys in 7th-12th grade!

  • How are tryouts scored?

  • What level is my dancer on? Concluding October tryouts your dancer will be placed on the appropriate level for both a jazz and a kick team. This will be Varsity, JV, or B-Squad.  

  • Does my dancer make both a kick and jazz team? Yes! 

  • How much does it cost to be a part of Winter Competitive Season Viewettes?

  • When and where is practice?

  • How does my dancer get to practice? There is a bus that runs from Chippewa to MVHS for the days we practice at the high school at the beginning of the season & a bus that runs from MVHS to Chippewa for the remainder of the season! 

  • What do I wear to practice? Form fitting athletic wear, running shoes, dance shoes, hair pulled back & no jewelry or gum. 

  • When are competitions?

  • Do I have to be at all practices and competitions? Yes! All practices and competitions are mandatory. 

  • What is the differences in types competitions?

  • How is dance team judged/scored?

  • How do I get involved with the Booster Club? 

  • Are there Booster Club dues? Yes, our Winter Competitive season dues are currently $175 per dancer/per season. 

  • What is Winterfest? Winterfest is our annual invitational that we host at the end of January. We host teams from all over the state of Minnesota. It has been a tradition for over 25 years! This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and EVERYONE both dancers and parents must help on this day for it to be a success! This includes a medaling ceremony for the JV & B Teams. 

  • Can I take a vacation during the season? No! The schedule is currently available. We have time off around the holidays. Please do NOT miss any practices or competitions outside of our off days. This impacts every dancer on our team!

  • Does the team fundraise? Yes! This year we will be organizing a Parents Night Out, Bagging groceries at Kowalskis over our holiday breaks, hosting Winterfest, and our annual Egg My Yard - Easter egg hunt!

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