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Types of Competitions


  • Mounds View is a part of the Suburban East Dance Team Conference. We have multiple Conference Meets during our season in November and December. Our Varsity, JV and B-Squad levels all compete at these SEC competitions! 

  1. Jazz Only - All Levels

  2. Kick Only - All Levels

  3. Varsity Only - Both Kick & Jazz

  4. Championship - All Levels, Kick & Jazz

  • Dependent on our teams placement will be given a coinciding number of points that will accumulate throughout the Conference Season. There are 9 High Schools within the SEC. So a team will receive 9 points for 1st place, 8 points for 2nd place, 7 points for 3rd place and so on. These points will be added up and totaled from the Jazz only, Kick only and Varsity only meets. Points are separated into 3 categories Jazz, Kick and total overall points for each level (Varsity, JV, and B-Squad). Point values are doubled for the Conference Championship and totaled once again to determine the Conference Jazz Champion, Conference Kick Champion, and Overall Conference Champion. These points accumulate for our SEC Competitions only. Once the Conference Championship is completed this running total is complete for the season. 

  • Link to our Conference Facebook Page


  • All of these names mean the same thing! On Saturdays we are free to attend competitions wherever we would like within the State of Minnesota. These competitions are a one day event. These scores do not combine with any other events. It is fun and exciting to attend different invites around MN to compete against teams we do not see within our Conference or Section. Our Varsity, JV and B-Squad levels all compete at these competitions!


  • Our Varsity teams compete at the Section Tournament level in the beginning of February. Mounds View is a AAA Dance Team within Section 3AAA. There are 4 Sections of Dance Teams within AAA, each consisting of 13-15 High Schools. The 3 top placing teams in both Kick and Jazz will progress onto the State Tournament for a total of 12 teams in each class (A, AA, AAA) and division (Kick or Jazz). This is a one day event that will decide whether or not your team passes on to the State level. For the past two years we have qualified for BOTH Kick and Jazz and are hoping to do the same in the 2022-23 season!


  • The State Dance Team Tournament is an EXCITING and honorable event to be a part of! This is the best of the best Varsity Teams from around the State of Minnesota! The State Dance Team Tournament takes place at the Target Center mid February. One day designated for Jazz and one day designated for Kick. This Tournament is for all classes A, AA, and AAA. 

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